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Building Something Great | Sternberg Strategic Communications

Building Something Great

July 7th, 2010

I spent about two hours the other night trying to write incredibly eloquent prose for something I came to realize could be spelled out in six simple words: I want to build something great.

For the past year, I have had many conversations with friends, relatives and professional colleagues trying to figure out why I kept having this nagging feeling entrepreneurism. I’ve accomplished a good deal thus far in my career, from being a founding blogger of the PR and marketing blog PRBreakfastClub; to working with some really intriguing companies and visionaries, such as Jim Gaines, the COOL-ER eReader and a whole slew of others; and running 10 marathons, including a 50-mile trail race and this weekend's Boston Marathon. But, I still had this nagging feeling that the path I was taking in my career wasn’t for me. It didn’t fulfill my need for an environment that rewards an entrepreneurial spirit.

And finally, about two months ago, it dawned on me: I want to build something great.

And, to me, the only way to do that is by being on the ground floor of the growth of a business—the time when ideas, innovation and a chance to set the tone for building something great are at their highest. The time when greatness is the only concept any of us can conceive.

And with that in mind, I am thrilled to announce I have joined forces with Josh Sternberg, founder of Sternberg Strategic Communications, as Executive Vice President of his humble communications and PR agency. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’ll be overseeing the agency’s social media strategy and initiatives for clients, while also taking on leadership roles in general agency management and new business development. And hopefully, whether it’s a year from now, or five years, I’ll be one of many helping to build SSC into a truly great PR agency. I have a damn good feeling we’re going to get there, and I absolutely couldn’t be happier to be joining the ride.

From the first time I met Josh about a year ago, to the many discussions we have had over the last several months, I could see he was someone who had his act together when it came to running a PR agency, had a terrific vision for serving clients and more importantly, a plan to build something great for the clients SSC represents. And I have a ton of respect for that.

I’m not a BS type of guy. I don’t believe PR professionals should feel the need to sugarcoat the obvious to clients, nor do I believe we should feel the need to constantly feed clients with e-mails, adoration or paper pushing to make it look like we are doing our jobs.

What I do believe in as a professional is we need to actually DO and BUILD something great for our clients. And with SSC, I believe I have found that opportunity. From the first conversation I ever had with Josh, I knew he was a no BS kind of guy. He gives it to you straight, and does the same with SSC’s clients. This, in turn, builds a tremendous amount of respect with clients, as they view Josh and SSC (and now, hopefully me) as much more of a strategic business partner, rather than just another provider in a long line of media relations shops pushing out press releases, media hits, clip books and other papers to keep a client happy.

We’re not here to kiss people’s asses. We’re here to help companies build their businesses into something great. And that’s music to my ears. Oh yeah, we also believe in true media counsel for our clients, integrated communications and helping clients discover and explore their many intriguing stories.

We’re ready to build something great.